• Medical insurance is available to all full-time employees.
  • Our network of providers, through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, is one of the most extensive available.
  • You can choose from three health plans to accommodate health care needs for yourself and your family.


  • Dental coverage is provided by Delta Dental.
  • An extensive network of dentists participate in Delta Dental, however, you can visit any dentist you choose.
  • Preventive care, cleaning and x-rays, are covered 2 times per year at no cost to the employee.
  • Basic and major services are also covered after deductible is met. 

Vision Insurance

  • Vision coverage is provided by VSP.
  • Small co-pay for annual exam with no waiting period and no deductible.
  • Set benefit amount available for lenses, frames and contact lenses.
  • VSP has a large network; however, you may visit any provider you choose. 

Flexible Spending Accounts 


  • Two types of flexible spending accounts are available:


o Healthcare reimbursement – Via debit card, pre-tax money can be used to pay for out of pocket medical, dental, vision and prescription charges for any family member. Annual maximum contribution: $2,500.

o Dependent care reimbursement – Via debit card or self- reimbursement, pre-tax money can be used for payment of day care expenses for children up to the age of 13 years. Annual maximum contribution: $5,000.  

Life Insurance
Accidental Death & Dismemberment


  • All full-time employees receive, at no cost: 
o $50,000 basic life insurance policy
o $50,000 basic accidental death and dismemberment policy



  • No aviation exclusion applies to either policy.


401k Investment


  • The 401k program is administered by MassMutual.
  • Full-time employees can participate at time of hire; employer match begins after 1 year of service; part-time employees can participate after 1000 hours of service.


Short Term Disability


  • Full-time employees are provided short term disability coverage at no cost.
  • STD can be used after 6 months of service.
  • Provides a 50% income replacement for qualified disability (including pilot loss of medical).
  • Participation in the wellness program qualifies for an additional 20% income replacement (totaling 70%).
  • Benefit runs for up to 6 months.


Long Term Disability


  • Full-time employees are provided long term disability at no cost (including pilot loss of medical).
  • LTD can be used at the end of the short term disability period for a qualified disability.
  • LTD benefits are paid at 60% of your monthly earnings with a $10,000 monthly maximum.
  • Benefits received for minimum of 2 years up to retirement age.


Business Travel Accident Policy 


  • This policy is provided at no cost to all full- and part-time employees and provides up to $350,000 for a loss occurring while conducting business for Air Evac EMS, Inc. 
Employee Assistance Program
  • Available to all employees and their immediate family members.
  • Provides confidential support, information and referral service.
  • Designed to help employees and their family members cope with everyday problems that have added stress to their lives.


Voluntary Supplemental Insurance 


  • Supplemental Life – available to employees up to 5X annual salary or $500,000 (whichever is less). Spouse and Child Life policies are also available. No aviation exclusion applies.
  • Supplemental Accident Death and Dismemberment – available to employees up to 5X annual salary or $500,000 (whichever is less). No aviation exclusion. 


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